So many choices for those wanting to create their own dance curriculum. These open classes are a great place for our young beginning dancers to start—and an equally great place for older dancers to refine their dance technique. Our teachers are highly motivated to help each student achieve their dance goals whatever they may be.


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Fairytale Ballet

Fairytale Ballet class introduces pre-school age girls to dance through story telling followed by creative dance related movement in costume.

Jazz I

Jazz 1 class is for beginning dancers ages   3-9yrs, incorporating ballet, gym and jazz.


Ballet class provides the technical foundation essential for all dance forms.


Jazz class combines upbeat dance styles with elements of ballet and modern influenced by rhythms & techniques of jazz music.


Tap class develops better rhythm and coordination.


Turns class teaches the technical aspect of turns, leaps, etc.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a street dance class mixing funk and hip hop with video dance styles.


Gym class teaches tumbling and gymnastic skills on mats.

Special Needs

This free weekly class offered to children of all ages with disabilities provides an opportunity to learn simple movement and rhythm.


The boys class develops strength, rhythm and coordination by incorporating hip hop and breakdancing with other athletic skills.




May 17-18 - Star, Express, Starburst   
           Audition Workshop

May 19 - Star, Express, Starburst Audition

May 20 - Jazz Club/Company Audition
          (by invitation only)

June 12-15 - Company Intensive

July 21 - Team Pool Party (Lindon Pool)

July 22-29 - Summer Break (studio

Aug 10-12 - Summer Dance Attack
            (Zermatt Resort)





Mar 24-25 - Adrenaline Dance Convention
             (Co required)

Mar 25 - Classic Dance Challenge 
            (SB/Ex/Stars required)

Apr 20-22 - The Motion Tour
             (JC/Stars/Ex/SB required)

May 8-9 - Year End Concert @ Covey
           Theater (all teams required)

May 12-13 - NUVO (Company required)

June 15 - Company Intensive Show
            (Ragan Theatre @ UVU)




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