Team Classes

Team membership is a wonderful opportunity to develop technical dance skills, while making great friends and building self-esteem. The poise and self confidence gained is invaluable to young dancers.

To be a part of these groups you are required to audition in the spring.


Beginning level dancers ages 3 to 8 yrs old who train 3.5 hours per week in jazz, ballet and tap.


Beginning dancers ages 9 yrs & up who train 4.5 hours per week in jazz, ballet, turns and hip hop.


Intermediate dancers ages 4 yrs old and up who train 4-5.5 hours per week in jazz, gym, ballet, hip hop and tap.

Jazz Club

Intermediate to advanced dancers ages 8 years and up train 9 -10 hours per week in jazz, ballet, turns, gym, tap and improvisation.


Advanced to semi-professional level, ages 10 years and up, who train a minimum of 15 hours per week in ballet, jazz, turns, gym, hip hop, tap and improvisation.




October 31 - Studio Closed for Halloween!

November 2 - Jazz I Christmas Fees due!               

November 13 - Martha Nichols Master
           Class (call for ages & level)

November 14 - Team Christmas Concert
        Recital Fee due! (SB/ Ex/ Stars)

November 18 - No Company or Jazz Club

November 22-25 - Studio Closed for
                Thanksgiving Break!

December 2 - Jazz I Christmas pictures

December 20-Jan 2 - Studio Closed for
                   Christmas Break!



Nov 3-4 - 'Art With Heart' Benefit Show
          (required - SB/Ex/Stars/JC/Co)

November 18-19 - NYCDA Los Angeles 

December 7-9 - Vivint Shootout
              (required - Stars/ JC/ Co)

December 9 - Christmas Concert
    (Jazz I/ Special Needs/ SB/ Ex/ Stars)

December 16-17 - NYCDA Nashville 

January 26-27 - ASH Dance Convention
              (required - JC/ Co) 


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983 North State,  Orem, UT. 84057 (Enter thru Wendy’s)

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